Understanding myON Book Selection


You want to know how myON selects books to offer and why some titles are not offered.


There are three ways a particular title can get into myON:

  1. It could be published by one of our existing partners. With over 60 participating publishers on the myON platform, it’s quite possible the title you’re interested in is already represented on myON! If not, we can reach out to an existing publishing partner and ask for the title to be added to myON.
  2. Sometimes, a different version of the title could be produced by one of our publishing partners. For example, there could be a graphic novel or abridged version of the book. In that case, we might already have the title in this different version, or can reach out and request it.
  3. A title could be in the public domain within the US, which could allow us to convert the title to the myON platform and make it available through one of the myON Classic packages.

What’s Next?

If the title isn’t in myON, we can approach the publishers of the book to see if that publisher would be interested in being represented on myON. Some publishers are not interested in being part of the myON platform because of our generous license (allowing all students access to the book at the same time), or because they have an exclusive agreement with a distribution partner that prevents participation with myON. We are actively seeking new partners for myON, and have reached out to many potential publishers. If there’s a title you’re interested in, use the myON PD Portal “Wish List” feature to add a title or publisher you’d like us to add.