Student's Data Not Updating (After Reading on a Tablet)


A student reads books using the myON app on a device that is offline, but the student reading data does not show up in their myON account.


The myON app will automatically sync a student's reading data (books read and time spent reading) with their myON account when the device used for the offline reading is able to access the internet.  Please make sure that the device has connected successfully to the internet and the reading data will sync.

However, the data from the myON app needs to be gated through a queueing system to integrate with a student's other reading data. The reading data does not sync in "real time" and it cannot be forced, and may take 24 hours or sometimes longer.  This is done so that the volume of offline reading data does not flood myON's systems and we can maintain the integrity of the data and the system as a whole.

If the student data sync has not occurred after 24 hours, please call myON support at 888-728-1266 or email at