School Name Does Not Appear on Drop-Down List


Users logging in to myON do not see their school name appear in the drop-down list after entering the first few characters of the school’s name.


Possible causes for the school name not appearing in the dropdown list are:

  • The school’s myON account has expired.  Contact myON Support (888-728-1266 or to have account status verified.
  • Corrupt browser cache.  (Delete temporary internet file/cookies from web browser.)
  • Entering school name incorrectly.  Try entering a different format of the school name.  (EXAMPLE:  for John F Kennedy Elementary, try entering Kennedy Elementary School or John F. Kennedy Elementary School.)  If that doesn’t work, try entering the full name of the school instead of the first few letters.
  • Hardware issue (computer, device, and keyboard/keypad).  Try using a different computer to see if the problem occurs.  If problem persists, you are likely not entering the school name in the format expected.  Contact the teacher for verification of how the school name should be entered.

Affected Technologies

All supported operating systems and browser versions.