How to View Reports (District Administrator)


You need to know how to access, customize and generate reports to view your student’s data.


The reports in myON measure reading activity and growth.

From your administrator dashboard (main screen), click on My District, then click Reports.

After choosing a report, you must select both the Scope and Date Range. Depending on what you select for the Scope, you might see a third option to Select a Building.

You will see this screen if you choose to view data on students across multiple schools:

You will see this screen if you select to view data on students within one school:

You can customize how the data is displayed on the report by using any of the available dropdowns, as well as clicking on column headers to sort data. In the example below, we’re looking at the Core Report.

Located on the bottom left hand corner of the report page, the Download Report button will allow the data of the report to be downloaded into a CSV file.