How to Save a Project to the Cloud


You have found a project that you want to differentiate from other assigned projects and want to assign other student or groups of students to the updated project.


To recreate a project for use by other students:

  1. Choose any active or inactive project and click on Edit.  The project will need to be re-titled for the new version, so you can differentiate it from other projects. You can then add any new information in the “Project Objective” box and select what new task(s) you want to use, such as Reading Tasks and Writing Tasks.

  1. Click on the  icon, open the task and make any changes such as to the title, task objectives, other reader settings, and any books that they may want to add or delete from the project.  If you want to delete the task, click on the  icon.     
  1. The next step would be to assign the new students to the project. The teacher goes to the project and clicks on the “Assign” tab on the project and selects the student(s) just like they have for any other project and the new project will be sent out to those students.
How do you use a shared project from the myON cloud and assign it to your students without having to recreate the task(s)?
  1. If you’re logged in as a Teacher, click on Classroom, and then click on Projects.  If you’re a  Building Administrator, click on My School, and then click on Projects.
  1. From the “My Projects” screen, click on the cloud icon.

  1. Search for a subject.  (For this demonstration, we will use the “civil war” as a subject for the project.  We are trying to find whether another teacher has shared a ‘civil war’ related project to the cloud.  (See below))

Notice there are a good number of projects that have been shared by other teachers.  To view any information on any project, click on the eyeball icon (upper right corner of the project).  Any additional information on this project the teacher may have shared will be available.  If you choose to use this project, click on “Copy to my projects”, and it will be sent to your projects.

Here is how the project will look after you copy it to your projects. Notice the other teacher only had a Reading Task for this project. Once it’s been copied, you can edit (by adding/removing books) or remove the Reading Task and/or assign other tasks just as if you made the project yourself. After you have made your changes make sure you save your project!

You will now see your task in your Inactive Projects waiting for you to assign it to students just like any other project you created before. Make sure to make any changes you want to the Title and save it so you can identify it as your project now. (Notice I have changed the Title to just “Civil War”.) This will differentiate it from the original and also from other projects.