How To Run Reports (Faculty)


As a teacher, you need to know how to run reports on students’ progress in myON.


1. From the Faculty dashboard (main screen), click on Classroom and then click on Reports.

2. Select the report you would like to run from the available report links on the left side of the screen.  (A description of what each report will give you will appear to the right of the respective report’s link.)

3. All reports will give you the option to run a report for your roster and for your groups for a specified date range. 

The “My Roster” option will give you individual totals for every student that exists in your roster.  Here is an example of a report run using My Roster:

The “By Group” option will give you a cumulative total of all students in a group – so you can do a group by group comparison.  Here is an example of a report run using By Group:

4. If you are someone who wants to download the report data that gets displayed on the screen, myON gives you the option to download your report to a .CSV file.  Simply click the Download button on the right hand side of the screen just down a little bit from the “Run Report” button.

You will be brought to a screen asking you to specify the name of your .CSV file and where you want it stored on your computer/device.  Once saved, the file is ready to be worked with in your spreadsheet program.