How to manually assign a Lexile Benchmark exam or Placement exam


As a teacher or administrator you want to manually assign a Lexile benchmark or placement exam.


To manually assign a Lexile benchmark or placement exam, you will need to assign it through a project. If you do not know how to create a project, you read through it here. You can do this from a faculty, specialist, or building administrator account. We will be using a faculty account in this example, but specialist and building administrator account processes are the same.

1. When creating a new project, or editing an existing project, there will be a section at the bottom called Add Tasks. Click the plus button next to Lexile Task to add a Lexile task. 

2. After clicking the plus button, a pop up window will appear. Give the task a title (tasks require titles before saving), and select the appropiate Lexile exam to assign to your students by checking the radio button. After selecting the Lexile exam and titling it, click the red X to close the pop up window. **Note: You cannot change the type of Lexile exam on a task after it has been created. You will have to delete the task, and add a new Lexile task to change it.


3. After adding the task to the project it will appear under Order Tasks. Click the Save button at the top of the screen to save the project. 

4. Just like other projects, once this project is saved or newly created you will need to assign students to it. If you do not know how to assign students to a project, follow this guide.