How To Edit User Information in myON (Building Administrator)



As a building administrator, you need to know how to edit user information for teachers and students including passwords and usernames.


  1. Log in to myON as a building administrator.
  2. On the Building Administrator main screen (dashboard), click My School then click on Users.

  1. In the “Users” dashboard, enter the name of the user whose information you wish to modify, into the search box.  When the user is displayed, click on their name.


  1. From the dashboard screen of the user whose information you wish to modify, click the pencil icon – next to where it says “User Information”.

  1. For this example, we will change the password for the user.  From the “User Information” screen, enter the password in the Password field and then click Save (upper right-hand corner of screen).

TIP:  You can make multiple changes at one time.  (e.g.  You can change the username and password simultaneously.)

  1. A “Changes have been saved” message will appear in a green bar at the top of the screen confirming that your changes have been made.


**Note: You will not be able to change the role of an account. Role of the account is set at initial creation of the account.