How to Disable Book Quizzes (Faculty)


You want to know how to disable end of book quizzes in myON.


Disabling books quizzes is done at the project level.  (At this time, it is not possible to disable individual book quizzes by title).  Teachers and building administrators can edit projects and select the appropriate option, Disable Book Quiz.

  1. From the dashboard (main screen), click on Classroom and then click on Projects.

  1. Locate the project card you would like to disable the book quizzes for. Once you find the card you want to edit, click on Edit.

  1. Click on the  (Settings) icon (lower right-hand corner of screen).  This will allow you to see/change the settings for this project.

  1. In the “Reader Settings” window, click in the checkbox next to “Disable Quizzes” then click on the red “X” (upper right hand corner of the “Reader Settings” window – see image below).              

  1. From the “Editing Project” window, click on Save (upper left hand part of screen) if you are finished with making changes to this project.