How to Disable Book Quizzes (Building Administrator)


You want to know how to disable end of book quizzes in myON for a particular grade at the school building level.


Disabling book quizzes for a school building can be done by setting a minimum grade level for quizzes. (At this time, it is not possible to disable a specific grade without disabling the grade(s) below it as well).  

  1. From the dashboard (main screen), click on My School and then click on Account.

  1. After clicking Account, a drop down menu will appear. On this menu, click Settings.

  1. On the Settings screen, you will see a box titled book quizzes. Here you can set a minimum (and maximum) grade to disable quizzes for those below (and above) a particular grade level.

  1. To disable quizzes for a particular grade, set the minimum grade to one grade above the grade for which you would like quizzes to be disabled. For example, if you want to disable quizzes for Kindergarten students, click on the first drop down menu that currently reads "Pre K", then select 1st grade.                

  1. Once you have selected your desired minimum grade level, click Save. If you do not click save, the action will not be completed.