How To Create a Reading Contest (Faculty)


As a teacher you need to know how to create a reading contest.


  1. Log on to myON as a teacher.
  2. From the Teacher dashboard, click on Classroom then click on the Contests icon.

  1. Click on Create a Contest

  1. From the Contests page, enter the following information:
  • In the “Metrics” section, click either the ‘My Students’ or ‘My Groups’ option
  • In the “Challenge Info” section, enter the title of your contest, select the type of project you’re creating and select the goal for the students.
  • Enter the “Date From” and the “Date To” to establish the contest period.
  • Click Save when you are finished.

  • To view student results in the contest click VIEW to run reports on contest data.


  1. From the “View Active Contests” screen, you should see your contest listed.


** Reminder - Students are not able to view contests from their account. **