How To Create Projects (District Administrator)


As a district administrator, you want to know how to create projects.


  1. Log in to myON as a District Administrator.
  2. From the district administrator dashboard (main screen), click on My District, then click on Projects.

  1. From the “My Projects” window, click on Create New Project.

  1. From the “Projects” screen, enter the title of the project in the “Title” field. You will also see a number of optional settings you can utilize. You can add a Description, change the Due date, add Tags, and add a Project Objective. Choose “Mark as Shared” if you would like to share your project.  **Note: Tags are only applicable to shared projects, enabling other users to find the project using the shared "Find" tool.

5. Near the bottom of the page, you will find the “Add Tasks” section. Click on the icon that represents the type of task you wish to add. You can add one task or multiple tasks. For this example, we have selected the Reading Task.

6. Enter a title for your task.  If you would like to create a description for the task, you can do so in the “Task Objective” field, though this is not required.  Click on Manage Books when you are ready to proceed.

**Note: On the right side of the window, “Reader Settings” are displayed. Use these settings to disable any applicable myON reader functions that you would like to be turned off for this project. These settings will override the settings set at the school level for this project only. In this example, the DA has disabled quizzes and book reviews for books in this reading task.


  1. After clicking “Manage books”, you will see a book search and selection tool appear. You have a variety of filtering options you can use to help you search for books that you want to add to your reading task.  Once you see the list of books returned that meet your filter criteria, click the checkbox next to each title that you would like to include in your reading task.  Once you have made your selections, click anywhere outside the "Find Books" window. This will bring you back to the Reading Task page.

9. Once you have confirmed your settings for the reading task, click the red "X" in the top right corner of the window. This will bring you back to Project page.

10. Once you have confirmed your settings for the project, click on the Save icon. The project will be located in the “Inactive Projects” section of the “My Projects” screen, usually the last project card you will see in that section.  

11. When you create a project as a District Administrator, you cannot assign the projects to students. The best way to utilize the DA Project function is to create the project and share it. Depending on your district share settings, it will either be shared with your district alone, or with the full myON community.