How to Create Projects (Building Administrator)


As a building administrator, you want to know how to create projects.


1. From the building administrator dashboard (main screen), click on My School, then click on Projects.

2. In the upper right-hand part of the screen, click on Create New Project.

3. From the “Projects” screen, enter the title of the project in the “Title” field.  The other fields are optional.  In the “Add Tasks” section, click on the icon that represents the type of task you wish to add.  (For this example, the selecting of a Reading Task is shown.) 

4. Enter the title of the task you selected in the “Title” box.  The “Task Objective” is optional.  On the right side of the window, click whichever of the settings you see displayed.  Click on Manage Books when you are ready to proceed.

5. In the “Find Books” window, you have a variety of filtering options you can use to help you search for books that you want to add to your reading task.  Once you see the list of books returned that meet your filter criteria, click in the checkbox next to each title that you would like to make part of your reading task.  Once you have made your selections, click anywhere outside of the Find Books window.

6. If you click on the Save icon without assigning the project to students, the project will be in the “Inactive Projects” section of the “My Projects” screen – usually the last project card in that section.  The project will be made “active” once it is assigned to at least one student.