How To Create Groups and Assign Students to Them (Building Administrator)


As a building administrator, you need to know how to create groups and assign students to them. 


1. On the dashboard (main screen), click My School then click on Rosters/Groups.

2. On the top right-hand part of the screen, click on New Group.

3. On the ‘New Group’ screen, enter the name of the group that you are creating in the Group field.  (The Description field is optional.)  Click Assign.

4. You can either search for the student(s) to add to your group using the Search box or you can click the ‘Building’ dropdown, select your school and select from the list of students you will be given.  Click Apply when you are done selecting student(s).  

5.  You will be returned to the ‘New Group’ screen.  Click Save (upper right-hand corner).