How Book Quizzes Work in myON


You would like to know more about how end of book quizzes work in myON.


Most books in myON have a comprehensive book quiz after the student is completed reading the book. The book quiz is 5 questions long, and the questions are pulled from a bank of 12 preset questions. The quizzes will pull different questions in different orders every time.  

If the book has a quiz, the user will be prompted to take it after they are done rating and/or reviewing the book. 

In order for the student to be presented with the quiz, they need to click on the “End” tab.  Screenshots of a book that has the “End” tab and the subsequent book quiz is provided below.

**Please note that the full word "End" will display when the button is hovered over with the mouse cursor.

After clicking "End" on the book, you will be immediately prompted to rate the book, and review it if your school has that functionality enabled. Click "Save Your Review" to finish.

After finishing your book rating/review, you will be prompted to take the book quiz. The quiz will display 5 questions, and the numbered circles will display which question you are on. Once all questions are answered, you will be able to click "Turn In Quiz".

After turning in the quiz, the system will process it, and you will be able to see which ones you got correct or incorrect. The correct ones will be highlighted green, a wrong answer will be highlighted red.