How To Block Books


As an administrator, I am concerned about content in books that I feel is not appropriate for my students.  How can I block books containing inappropriate content?


The myON building administrator can restrict access to any book in the school’s myON book collections by grade, or they can block access to the book completely. This restriction can be set for one, or many books at a time.

If the school determines that they should restrict access, the myON building administrator can then make the appropriate changes.  This is a building-level decision and it will impact book access for all the students in the building.  It cannot be changed for individual students.  

Parents and teachers who have concerns about whether a book is appropriate for their child or student(s) should contact the building administrator for their school to discuss their concerns.

Here are the steps that need to be followed to change grade level access for a book:

  1. Log on to myON using Building Administrator credentials.
  2. From the Building Administrator dashboard screen, click on My School, then Account, and then Books.

  1. Use the filters to find the book(s) you would like to block access to.
  2. Click in the checkbox to select the book(s).
  3. Use the “Set min grade of selected to:” drop down list to choose the minimum grade level for the book.
  4. Click Save to set the minimum grade level access.

  1. The “SET Min” column will reflect the change.
  2. The “SET By” column will detail the date of the change and who made it.