Enroll Overview & Student Data Privacy

Enroll Overview   

myON requires data from your student information system (SIS) to create individualized logins, allowing a personalized reading experience.

Enroll is an application myON uses to oversee the introduction, validation and management of all user data (students, faculty and student-to-faculty relationships) into myON.

When using Enroll, myON subscribers have control over their account’s user data through various means of data submission including:

  • On-demand updates through Enroll: Either owned by a central contact at your district or by a myON customer experience team member
  • Automated uptake: Through auto-Enroll using SFTP
  • Third-party data synchronization: Through agreements with LDAP, Clever, ClassLink, Buzz by Agilix. Other possible third-party options may be possible as well.

With an easy-to-follow workflow and customizable implementation options, Enroll makes the task of maintaining all of your myON users simple and straightforward.


Student Data Privacy and myON

myON is committed to good student data practices.

  • Through membership in the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), myON has signed the Student Privacy Pledge which was co-developed by SIIA and the Future of Privacy Forum to safeguard student data privacy.
  • These commitments are intended to detail ongoing industry practices that meet and go beyond all federal requirements (including FERPA and COPPA) and encourage service providers to more clearly articulate these practices to further ensure confidence in how they handle student data.

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