District Administrator All-Building Settings Overview


As the district administrator for myON, you want to know what the adjustable settings are for all buildings in the district.


There are four settings that the District Administrator can modify affecting all buildings in the district. They are:  Book Quizzes, Book Reviews, AR Quiz and Literacy Center.  Follow this process to access these options:

  1. Log in to myON as the District Administrator.
  2. Click on My District, click on Account, and then click on All Buildings’ Settings.

  1. From the “Settings” window, click in the checkbox next to the option to select it.  If the option is checked, that means it is already active.  If you were to click in the checkbox again, it will remove the checkmark and deactivate that option.  Note that for each option, you have the ability to specify the grade range that the option will affect.

  1. When you are finished making your selection(s), click on Apply (upper right-hand corner).

  1. You will get a pop-up warning message informing you that you will be applying these settings to all buildings in your district.  You can click Yes! or Maybe not…  to this message.