Books Will Not Fully Load on App


When a student tries to download a book, it starts to download, but the cover is gray (not in color) or the cover is pink and it displays the message:  "Not enough disk space"


Although the quickest way to resolve this is to contact myON Tech Support to assist in trouble shooting, there are some certain steps below that you can take. 

Make sure that there is adequate disk space on the device and verify that there are fewer than 20 books already downloaded onto the myON app.  (The limit is 20 myON books at any one time.)

  1. Hold your finger on the cover of the book.  (You should get a prompt to “delete” or “load”.)
  2. Tap Load and the book should start loading again.
  3. You should see either a blue bar over the cover icon or circle moving like a hand of a clock as the book downloads.
  4. When the book downloads successfully, the cover should change from grey to color.
  5. Open the book and begin reading.

What’s Next?

If the problem persists, try the following:

  1. Update the operating system on the tablet.
  2. Delete the myON app and download the latest version from your device's app store.
  3. Sign into the app and try downloading the book again.

Contact myON Support at or at 888-728-1266 if further assistance is needed.