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One if by land, Two if by Sea! On this day in 1776, Paul Revere made his famous ride thru Boston to warn of the British Army coming to America.

Congratulations to the two and Hamb for being named 2018 by the ! 

6 Reasons Why Using Poetry and Songs for Struggling Readers Works —> 

To celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month, listen to some Jazz music and read all about the father of Jazz music himself, Mr. Louis Armstrong.

We are on again. This time she is the teacher and I’m the student. So far I have earned two treats for answering questions and sitting on the rug appropriately.

myON has been a game-changer when it comes to helping kids learn to read and love to read! And, they've got the data to prove it!

Join us in celebrating ! If you can’t get to a library this week read about one on myON.

6 Reasons Why Using Poetry and Songs for Struggling Readers Works

For years now, I have been advocating for greater use of poetry and song in our work with young, struggling readers. And yet, it is not unusual for me to hear from teachers who are told that reading poetry is “fluff” and to minimize their use of poetry with their students.

Novel Ideas for Writing Instruction

Tech & Learning | April 4, 2018 

By: Tara Smith 

Edtech tools are helping educators everywhere discover new possibilities for writing instruction. Teachers are happier. They’re reading student work that’s more thoughtful, properly revised, and well researched, and they’re able...

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Have you heard April showers bring May Flowers? April is known for its many rain showers, but just think what lies ahead, pretty flowers in May!