How To Assign Students to Groups (Specialist)


As the building specialist you need to know how to assign students to groups.


1.Log in to myON as a building specialist.

2.Click on Classroom and then click on Students.

3.On the left side of the screen, click on the Assign icon for the group you want to assign students to.

4.In the example below, students already assigned to the group will be noted by the checkmark to the left of their name. 

To add new students to the group:

For a single student:  enter the name, ID number or username.  If the student is in myON his/her name should appear in the list of students.  Click the checkbox to the left of their name to select the student – then click Apply.

For multiple students:  If you would like to select the students for your group from a roster or other group, click on the “Rosters/Groups” drop down arrow and select the “My Roster” option or select the name of the group you want to pull students from.  When the student list displays, click in the checkbox next to the names of the students you want in your group.  Click Apply when finished.